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Donna Gowe - Humanitarian, Entrepreneur and Influencer

Donna Gowe, a people person, hails from Paul Mountain District, Above Rocks P.O. St. Catherine but currently lives in Kingston, Mountain View Avenue for the past 27 years. Donna is the mother of three biological children and one adopted child, who is actually her nephew.

During her formative years, Donna was a “foodie” and a Cosmetologist by profession! She still bakes the best Christmas Cakes and Puddings which are sold all over the world including Dubai. She started selling her cakes and puddings on Instagram.

Donna Gowe is so passionate about helping the less fortunate, it moved her to start advertising for assistance on Instagram and that programme has grown exponentially.

Donna was introduced into the world of Catering from the tender of age of 9 years old watching her grandmother in the kitchen. In her spare time, she enjoys feeding the poor, getting a pedicure, going out with her friends and having a nice meal.



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