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The Jamaican Women's Network is lots of things but primarily an international friendship network for women that have either been born in Jamaica or are of Jamaican descent.  So, come on JOIN the network and make new friends or reunite with lost friends at home or abroad.

About Jamaican Women's Network
Jamaican Women's Network Mission

Our Mission

We aim to help Jamaican Women build a friendship network with the objective of improving our community through volunteering and exchanging skills and experience.  There are many ways in which you can become involved, click on the links below to see two ways in which you can help the organisation to grow.

You can also build relationships around shared interest groups, exchange skills and experience, or simply to find old friends or make new ones.

Our Vision

Jamaican women are the bedrock of Jamaican communities. Jamaican Women's Network aim is to recreate the supportive environment that our mothers and grandmothers and the women in their communities built; in order to console, congratulate and support each other during times of need, sadness and success.  

Jamaican Women's Network Vision

Our Projects

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